Blue Jacaranda, 12"x12",

Oil on Wood Panel

Solo Show at the International Art Museum of America, San Francisco, CA

The show runs through November 5. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the art.

Take A Breath

​“Take a Breath” serves as a sanctuary, inviting one to slow down and embark on an exploration within. In a world driven by constant motion, this exhibition offers respite—an opportunity to pause and immerse oneself in the tranquility that art can provide.
I have sought to distill the vibrant, ephemeral beauty of nature into abstract forms and colors. In these works, you will discover a symphony of emotions and sensations, just as one experiences when immersed in the great outdoors.

Glow in the Dark, 36"x36", Oil on Wood Panel   

Azalea, 12"x12",

Oil on Wood Panel

Inner Beauty, 40"x30", Oil on Wood Panel  

Rise an Shine, 60"x48", Oil on Wood Panel   

Empyrean #5, 36"x36", Oil on Wood Panel

Hanging Together,



Oil on Wood Panel

Chasing Dewdrops, 48"x84", Oil on Wood

Road Not Taken, Triptych, 40"x120", Oil on Wood Panel

Summer Breeze, 48"x60", Oil on Canvas

Anemone, 48"x30", Oil on Wood Panel  

Smile Within 1-4, Oil on Wood Panel

Hot Cactus, 16"x16",

Oil on Wood Panel

Yarrow 06 18"x18",

Oil on Wood Panel

Tickled Pink, Diptych, 42"x60", Oil on Canvas  

Earthly Delights                                     Carefree Delight                                 Happy Go Lucky

                                                     24"x24", Oil on Wood Panel  

Close To the Heart 1-4, Oil on Wood Panel  

To Coexist, 18"x18",

Oil on Wood Panel

Freesia 03, 12"x12",

Oil on Wood Panel

Wait For Me, 24"x18",

Oil on Wood Panel

Empyrean #2, 30"x40", Oil on Wood Panel  

Blue Star, 36"x36", Oil on Wood Panel